Wine storage ideas for any space,
any style, and any size collection.
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Countertop wine racks are small and portable making them ideal for those who want to display their wine collection but are limited on space, like studios or offices. Their small size limits storage from 2 or 24 wine bottles, but also gives more options for materials and colors making a more decorative look.


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Wine racks in closets are great locations for storing your wine in a more hidden space adding a touch of class to your home. This cost-effective wine storage solution allows you to choose from a less expensive wood type or a pre-made kit as it will not be displayed prominently. For unique closet spaces, Vinotemp offers quality custom wine racks or stackable modular racking cubes which can easily be reconfigured and moved around.

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Pantries often come in unique sizes. Work with a company like Vinotemp to make quality custom wine racks which will fit any space—a great solution. Generally, these custom wine rack storage spaces can be very cost effective with options to use less expensive wood or pre-made kits. Stackable modular racking cubes that can be easily moved, making them a very versatile pantry wine storage option.


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Wine cabinets, offered in a variety of styles, are stable and protect your wine bottles from light and heat—a perfect all-in-one solution. All-wood or wood and metal racking is generally used in a wine cabinet. Some companies, like Vinotemp, offer powder-coated trellis racks, for those who want a little extra protection for their wine bottles. For long term wine preservation, cooled and humidity controlled wine cabinets require wine rack wood types that are mold and mildew resistant, like Redwood.

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Basements offer great enviromental conditions for storing wine and their structure broadens the wine rack options you have available. Without the concern of weight limitations, stone racking can give the look and feel of a traditional wine cave, similar to wine caves in France. Options for wine racking in the basement can also include wood and metal racks or just all-wood racks, which are the most versatile and comes in a multitude of styles. Cellar design services for custom wine cellar spaces are available directly through some manufacturers, like Vinotemp. They will help you through the exciting wine cellar creation process.

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Display your prized wine collection for all your guests to see with an array of racking styles and finishes. Open area spaces allow for wood wine racks to have a finish without fear of fumes harming your collection or harm from the area's humidity. Focus on a decorative look to really display your wine while fitting into the furnished surroundings. Metal wine racks that can be fastened to almost any wall are also great options. The sturdy metal construction creatively displays your wine bottles for all to see.